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Give yourself a break

Well, Happy Friday sisters!

I actually chuckle when I think that I am writing about organizing tips, however, I do have a few things I can say about the subject. My first comment is really to myself, “Practice what you preach..”.

My husband loves to quote a non-scripture, that he says should be included in the Bible.

”Organization is next to godliness, and disorganization will kill any good plan.” And “ without organization , the people perish..”. Or something like that.

I am sure most of you have heard the saying Without a plan, we plan to fail; SO. Here we go, again My best encouragement to you is NEVER GIVE UP, OR QUIT TRYING.

I do have a daily planner and I love to doodle and write in color, so its fun for me to “plan”. I even have some washy tape that I like to use to block off days. I was instructed by a coach once to block off time and devote it to specific things. I try to do that, and as I block off time frames, I change up my activities, so that I don’t bog down just sitting at the desk, or I get overwhelmed with cleaning or straightening up an area. I try not to bite off big projects at one time, or put too much on my day that I leave what I’m working on all spread out on the kitchen table overnight. That doesn’t give me a sense of accomplishment, and then I feel deflated.

SO, try to block off time, and stick to the plan as best as possible. Always give yourself a little ”wiggle room” time for unexpected things And keep on trying!

Much love to each of you, and well wishes on the organizing journey......

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