God Slap

Starring at this white, blank page while watching the cursor blink, I am overcome with the need to confess. I confess that I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of commitments I make and the people I help. I am often exhausted and make comments about how I never get things done in the time frame I want them done in. I posted last week about ‘Empty Squares‘ and I made them BUT filled them back up after I did stuff for people just to cross stuff off that I did — wow who does that?? Today at a moment of I NEED TO ESCAPE, I got one of those God slap reality checks. I went to my car (convertible with the top down; I needed it to air out because I spilled water in it BAD) and found some papers on the seat. Someone took the time to hand write me a letter as well as deliver it thanking me for all the kind things that I do to help. At that moment, I felt God say — it’s NOT your time it is MINE. My job is about people and God places those people in front of me. I am to be HIS hands and feet. God gives us the talents and abilities we have to serve Him even if that means our plans go undone.

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