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I was stuck…bored…often spending my time in the Word just to check it off my daily check list…✔️DONE.

THEN, I stumbled upon this Bible study tool called Verse Mapping. It’s a simple process that transformed my Quiet Times from passive, routine and sometimes obligatory to engaging, alive and revolutionary! I truly believe that it has tilled the soil of my heart and mind in way that God’s Word can penetrate my soul and better yet, my marrow.

This is what a weeks worth of engaging with a few scriptures kinda looks like for me….

Verse mapping is an investigative approach to studying the Bible, but with a twist. It engages both sides of your brain by having you use colored pens and encouraging you to doodle and draw. Therefore, helping you dig into the Word and allowing it to settle deeper into your heart by….

Chewing on it……engaging with it……experiencing it!

Google it! Look at the Google images! Pinterest it and see what the Verse Mapping world is up to!

The best way to spend time with God is by actually spending time with God. Why not make it ENGAGing and transformational.

**Detailed explanation of verse mapping:


*Pens: 3-4 different colors

*Your journal (medium to large in size )

*Bible Translations

*A scripture plan similar to this one:

If you feel like you need a templet here is one of many out there:

P.S. Don’t allow the excuse, that drawing or doodling is not your thing, to hinder you from trying this method. Remember this is between you and the Creator.

*If you attempt this, feel free to post some of your pics below.

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