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Today as we are in the beginning of the holiday season, I take a moment to reflect on the greatness of God. It is funny how we can take for granted all the little things in life, and even the big things rarely looking for God in those moments.

I am especially blessed this November with the birth of a new grand daughter!! New life is amazing! Due to a rough start, she has spend her first hours in NICU rather than in the arms of loving family ”ooooing and aweing” over her. However, as we gown, mask and glove up to be near her, she is calmed by our voice and the touch of a gloved hand on her hand, That is so like Jesus. He is so close to each of us. Even when we don’t see it, or feel it, we KNOW that He is working on our behalf. It might not be just like we think it should be, but He is working.

I am so thankful and grateful that the old song still rings true, “Jesus, just the mention of your name...”. It brings peace to my soul and encouragement to my heart. We are all blessed to have a Saviour that cares for our every need, Don‘t forget that He is with you reaching out his hand to calm you, pick you up, brush you off, help you out or just to let you know that you are not alone.

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