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Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you are having a wonderful Day. I know this day can bring great memories and even some sad ones. No matter where you are today in your journey of life, you are here due to a momma. We should all be grateful for the blessing of life. I want you to know that God created you to be an influencer, whether you have birthed children or not. You have the DNA of God that you can put into another. I am praying for each of you everyday as you walk through this life, impacting others. Knowing this should bring you a sense of joy and also a level of accountability. Each of us can speak encouraging, life giving words to those around us, cheering the next generation on to do great things. I’m so excited for the opportunity that gives us. Look for the opportunities God presents to you everyday. I know that He will place those moments of influence to you. He wants you to success and spread His DNA to the younger generation.

Speak LIfe!

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