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🗝 🗝 Has Anyone Seen My Keys? 🗝 🗝

Picture with me for a moment, the frustrating flood of emotions that would emerge if one piercing cold rainy night you exhaustingly stood outside your beautiful home in tears because you weren’t able to jump into your warm cozy bed. And, it was all because you realized you had NO clue where your house keys were!

Keys are EVERYTHING! They give us access to things that we rightfully own. They have the ability to lock us out of places and things that we have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into. We can own the most expensive home or car on the market and not be able to enjoy it if we can’t find the dumb key. Of course, we could break a window and get all cut up as we try to break and enter, but for the moment let’s not go there :)

Speaking of keys..........

-Would you methodically look for keys that could free you from emotional and physical entanglements? .......I would!

- Would you urgently search high and low for keys that would give you open access to your God ordained destiny?.......Absolutely, pick me!

- Would you intently hunt for keys that would unlock the mysteries to a purposeful life?.......Would we?

The true key to EVERYTHING in life is the LIVING Word of God!

🗝 It opens up heavenly and earthly treasures for us. John 14:17, Psalm 119:97-105

🗝 It gives clarity and direction where there is none. Psalm 119:29, Isaiah 30:21

🗝 It offers freedom where there is bondage. 1 John 2:14, Isaiah 42:5-9

READY to lift up that dirty doormat, grab that spare key under it and expectantly enter into what is rightfully ours?


Let’s determine to daily unbolt the amazing treasures God has prepared for us.


Quote: “The Word of God is many things.  It is His book. It is His extended text message from Heaven.  It contains and reveals both His will and wisdom.  Yet, the Word also contains weapons for believers.  Yes, God’s Word is also a weapon. ”

📷 credit: Kelly Harlow

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