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He is a present being

John 14:25 KJV

[25] These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you.

Jesus spoke these words before He was crucified. He promised that if we love Him and obey the words He spoke to us then He will abide with us by the Holy Spirit. He promised to comfort us when we are feeling lonely or sad. He said He left us peace.

Peace and comfort are things that some of the wealthiest people cannot afford. They cannot be bought this Christmas season. Peace was given freely to those who believe and will receive it. I thank God that He is present with me through all the good and bad times.

He teaches me how to live this life for him and lead others to the cross by my acts of obedience. Not everyone is feeling jovial this season. Some people do not have the peace of God. Some people are lonely and hurting.

I recently heard a testimony of a rich, young, New Age practicing man who became a Christian. Before coming to Christ he wrote stories about metaphysics and witchcraft that made him very wealthy. But he was still empty inside and miserable. What struck me about his testimony was how he felt the witness of the Holy Spirit in his “inner being” after crying out to Jesus on his outdoor balcony.

He had only read the Bible for a few days and knew very little of God. But he felt His presence inside him so strong after he cried out to Jesus. He said he later learned more about the Holy Spirit and had started doing YouTube videos about the Bible and even wrote books exposing the devil in New Age philosophy.

I want to always be aware that I have a living God with me and in me wherever I go. I want His presence as fresh with me as the first day I felt Him. Isn’t it amazing that we have God with us and in us?

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