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He makes me glad!

Today, as I think about the season of thankfulness we are in, I am overcome with joy for family. I recently had a baby and I love this little one with my whole heart. His smile brightens my day and makes all the troubles of the world fade. His laughter is like balm to my soul. He is such a blessing. His presence has also endeared me even more to my husband. I appreciate him so much and I am so thankful to call him my partner and best friend! It is important to stop and take moments to look around and enjoy your current season of life. It’s really easy to continually look at people around you and play the comparison game, but gratitude and thankfulness is the best antidote to that. The beautiful thing is that even if you look at life and find nothing to show gratitude for, there is always Jesus. Our salvation and relationship with God is always something to be grateful for! It carries us through every season whether good or bad! God’s presence is available to us at all times and can bring joy and peace to our darkest moments. Life isn’t always sweet, but He always is! I’m thankful for God's blessings in my life today, but I’m mostly grateful for Him!

God bless you! May you find joy in Him.

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