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Here's to Strong Women!

Good Evening, Ladies!

Today I celebrate every woman in our lives who have touched other women by simply living a life of love. The ones who figured out long ago that it is far better to care than to compare. The ones who realized this world is tough but that love is tougher. I have been so fortunate as I think back over the course of my short life, to have had women come alongside me, sometimes brought in a season I felt so alone. God is so good like that! He has healed this heart of wounds that were brought on by women years ago... to transform it to a heart that loves them so. If there's ever a time when we need strong women, it's now ladies. There is far too much at stake. The enemy of our souls knows all too well the gift of life we, as women, bring to this world. This includes all women who are raising children of their own or raising them in the faith. If you haven't been told today- YOU are doing a great job and we NEED you!

Sisterhood, if you have been blessed by a phenomenal praying woman, one who fights with and for you, give her a call, send her a text. Tell her how much she has meant to you. Let's speak LIFE!!

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