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Hidden Secrets

Superhero status! There are days when I feel as if becoming a superhero is the only way to get through the many tasks needing to be accomplished that day. Keeping a balance between what should be priority and what is more of a 'I desire to do' can often be a challenge. Yet even in this seemingly mundane task, I have found such strength in the process of prioritizing. And the key is found in the method which we start that process.

When my kids were young, I found that not everything in a day followed the schedule I had planned. At first, this did not sit well with me. But then I felt my heavenly Father's nudge. He gently reminded me that He gave me family, job and ministry not to burn me out, but to teach me to lean on Him. So I had to go back and learn a new way of ordering my day's schedule. As the Psalms so often teaches us, it all starts with God conversations.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.

Psalm 90:12 AKJV

My superhero status is rooted in quite strength gained from time with my Father. He helps teach me where to trim back my time in one area and give focus to another. I have found that in each new stage of life I have to re-center my focus. The only way for me to do this wisely and keep a balance with all the 'lists' in my life is to surrender to His promptings. He shows me what area needs my full attention and what can wait until another day. He has taught me how to wear the many hats of ministry, family, outreach and rest. And each new season in life I often find the order of those hats needs adjusting.

The hidden secrets of this balance act is found in recognizing the importance to number my days HIS WAY. O how I love the peace that follows when

I lean on His wisdom for each activity accomplished in my day!

Invite Him into your day's schedule and watch Him accomplish even more through you. Discover the superhero hidden in the secrets only He whispers. You will find such joy and peace!

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