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Hold the Light

In my family I'm the youngest and the only girl. I'm thirty-five, have been completely on my own for fifteen years, have lived on multiple continents, and still my dad refers to me as "Baby Girl." He's "Daddyo" and I'm "Baby Girl."

Daddyo is one of those men that can do absolutely anything. He has a shop full of every tool ever made and knows exactly how and why to use each and every one of them. If I ever have a question about something handy I call the Daddyo.

Growing up my job on projects with Daddyo was to hold the light. To this day if I go home and Daddyo is working on a project, there's a 95% chance that I'll have to hold the light. I myself am a fairly handy woman. I attribute my handiness to all those years of holding the light. I realized along the way that if I paid attention to what was within proximity to me, then I could learn a whole lot. If you stand near someone using tools for long enough and pay attention to what they're doing, you too will learn how to use tools.

I once heard a pastor share his testimony and he talked about how in his walk with God the way he had learned most of what he knew was simply by placing himself around the things of God as much as he could. He read his Bible and hung out with people who were pursuing God. He was at church every time they would let him. He made sure to put himself in proximity to the things of God so that he could learn as much as he could.

I think when it comes to life with God, there's plenty of times that if we'll just hold the light, so to speak, there's a ton that we can learn. We don't even have to be the main star of something or doing the heavy lifting, but if we're in proximity to things going on and we pay attention, there's so much that we can learn! Both about God and about tools!

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