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I Am Not, But I Know I AM

Sometimes I get goosebumps reading books that simply bring out the basic message of

Christianity. We never outgrow the basics! And the reminders are so good!

So today, I’ve got a book recommendation for you: I Am Not, But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio is not a long book – only 167 pages, yet this is a book that has kept me thinking about it long after I finished it. Giglio’s main point, “If God’s name is I Am, then our name is I Am Not,” has me wondering these days about how I approach life.

Too often I approach life with an “I Am” attitude, as if I could handle everything myself.

And then other times, I have an overwhelmed approach: “I Am Not, and I don’t know anyone who is!”

Giglio shares that since God is “I Am,” we can recognize that “I Am Not” without falling into despair, because “I know I Am.” When we study “I Am” we find that God’s names reveal His character, as well as His capacity to care for us and meet our every need.

I was also intrigued by a method of meditation that Giglio practices and explains in the book. (I won’t give it away, but Hello! Bible verse mappers…) I tried my own version of it (I was too impatient to do it exactly as he describes) and was surprised by how much more understanding I gained of the particular Scripture I was studying.

Even though this book could be finished quickly, I recommend that you read no more than a chapter a day, so that you can really think about it and allow it to sink in. (I love discussing books, so if you decide to read it, I’d love for you to tell me what you think about it.)

Happy reading!

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