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Inside Every Follower Is A Leader!

We often have preconceived notions of what a “leader” is supposed to look like. Many people believe that a leader should be someone loud, charismatic, articulate, strong-willed, bossy, extremely intelligent, confident, totally put together. However, the truth is that leadership has as many different looks as people on the plant because inside every unique person God placed the capacity to lead! Now, just because the capacity is there doesn’t mean it will be realized. We all have potential; however, your potential being reached is your personal responsibility. You have to be proactive!

I’m currently reading “The Spirit of Leadership” by Dr. Myles Munroe. This book has challenged my preconceived notions of what leadership should look like. And, it has so many nuggets of gold that I’d like to share to encourage the leader in you that wants to bust out in 2019!

  1. Every human being is created to lead in an area of gifting - that’s why it’s important to know what you are created to do. Your assignment determines your area of leadership.

  2. True leaders express inner passions, which find a common response in the hearts of others.

  3. While leaders have followers, having followers is not a prerequisite for being a leader. The demands of true leadership may require that you stand alone in the face of conflict, public opinion/criticism, or crisis. Then, that very willingness to stand for what you believe in, no matter what, is what often inspires people to follow.

  4. True leaders don’t seek or pursue followers but instead attract them by their dedication to a personal purpose.

  5. Servant leadership was the kind of leadership that Jesus modeled. You can be a great leader from the background.

  6. The greatest leadership seems to surface during times of personal, social, economic, political and spiritual conflict.

  7. A follower sees challenges as: problems. A leader sees challenges as: opportunities!

The timing of your birth was essential to some need in the world that you’re supposed to meet. The Bible says, “There is a time to be born.” Ecc 3:2. What would be the consequence of you not fulfilling your leadership abilities?! Who will suffer, who will stay bound, who will die? Our world would look a lot different if strong leaders like Martin Luther King, Mother Teressa, Reese Howell, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Peter, Paul, Mary, and Queen Ester didn’t step into their God-given purpose. It was vital for them to embrace their purpose and lead in their arenas, and it’s just as important that we daughters of God do the same!

A great video to watch:

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