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Invitation of Wisdom and Folly

Don't you love getting invitations? They have a tendency to make you feel included and wanted and desired. The thing is not all invitations are good ones. And no better example of that than in Proverbs chapter 9.

The heading of the chapter states that wisdom and folly both are extending invitations to us. We must make the decision of which invitation will we accept and further pursue in our lives. Do we want to be people that are attending the things of wisdom? Or do we want to be the people that are attending to the foolish things of folly in our lives?

This proverb lays out such clear pictures of the way that wisdom and folly lure and invite us. They both do their hardest to look appealing. On the outside they entice and pull us in. We must be on guard to make sure that we aren't only looking at the surface level of the invitations in our lives. But rather what will be produced in our life if we accept and invitation extended to us.

I don't know about you, but I want to be a wise woman. I want to be the woman who steers clear of folly. I don't want to be the unruly woman of folly, I'd rather be the wise woman with a stable house who is further extending the invitation of wisdom to other women.

What kind of woman do you want to be????

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