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Is the Sabbath a day or a lifestyle?

Working in Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is one of the BEST jobs anyone could ever have. Seeing student’s lives literally change in front of your eyes is such a thrill and builder of your faith. All that said, it takes a lot of work. There are many weeks out of the year that we are working nights and weekends (trying to keep up with these 18 year olds) and that definitely takes a damper on my execution of a Sabbath day. I often have genuine guilt when thinking of how much I struggle making this happen regularly with no idea on how to make a change.

I remember one particular season where I was feeling the strain, and I asked our national director, Scott Martin, how he balanced his busy schedule while honoring the Sabbath. What he told me has stuck with me for a long time and I continue to strive towards it.

He said that while YES we need to take time every week for rest and acknowledging God’s sovereignty in our life, sometimes we are in certain seasons that make it hard to accomplish that without dishonoring the God’s calling (think Mark 2:23-28) .

He reminded us of the year of Jubilee that is referenced in Leviticus and how on this year all of the Israelites were told to take an entire year off of work, all prisoners were set free, debts were forgiven, and land was restored to its rightful ownership. Talk about the ULTIMATE Sabbath!

Scott then told us that Jesus ushered in the age of the Sabbath. We are in continual rest and restoration of the soul because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. This week whether you are enjoying your Sabbath day or busy putting the pedal to the metal for the Kingdom, know that you can enjoy God’s rest at all times. Even in your busyness, you can take a moment and allow your spirit to rest in God’s presence and be renewed!

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