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It Ain’t Going to be Easy

Yes, I know that is poor grammar, but it is true. My daddy used to tell me that anything worthwhile was worth working hard for. I’m sure many of you have heard that same phrase in some form. It wasn’t unique to my daddy.

As we read Chapter 2, there are several words that jump out—listen—treasure—tune—concentrate—cry out—ask—search—seek

Each one of these action words denote “putting forth an effort”. As we all know, when we don‘t DO something, nothing gets done. There is no magic pill that makes us loose weight, no machine that instantly builds muscle and tones us. There is no genie that cleans the house and washes the clothes, etc. There is no easy way to gain wisdom and understanding but listening, crying out, searching, studying, asking ... working everyday to be better, gain more understanding, practicing what we learn in order to honor God with our daily lives.

Let‘s determine what the treasure is that we seek, then press on to gain it. I hope it is to be more Christlike in ALL that we do and say, in every aspect of our lives——-

It will be hard work but the rewards are well worth it!!

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