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It’s a God Thing!

A good read this year is a book called “It’s a God Thing” written by a friend of mine, Leisa Spann. In this book, Leisa tells how God has worked many signs, wonders and miracles in her life throughout the years. She illustrates her relationship with the Lord in such a refreshing and easy-to-read way. I read the book in less than three hours from front to back. It left me feeling uplifted. With her permission, I am posting the prologue to her book, “It’s a God Thing.” You can get your copy online at


Have you ever wondered if God really speaks to people the way He did with

Moses and others in the Bible? Can God orchestrate signs, miracles, and wonders

today? There are so many people that say and try to prove there is no God.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 | NLT

I would rather believe God was here first and created the universe than believe the universe was here already. If God is not real, then neither is Jesus. I can’t make you believe in Jesus. That must come by faith. Maybe by the time you finish reading my true experiences of times I trusted God with all my heart in every aspect of my life, receiving signs, miracles, and wonders, you will also believe.

I’m thankful that God always uses at least one other person to verify the

miraculous in my own life.

I want you all to know about the miraculous signs and wonders the Most High God has performed for me. How great are His signs; how powerful His

wonders! His kingdom will last forever, His rule through all generations.

Daniel 4:2-3 | NLT

For those who are lost, after reading, I pray you will believe God is real, and God

sent His son, Jesus, to save this world.

For those who once believed, maybe you lost your way. When you read about how God saved me twice within a couple of months and spared me from the depths of HELL, I pray you will find your way back and your strength and joy will be restored.

For those who already believe, I pray your FAITH will soar.

In my younger years, I did not like school. I quit at the beginning of my eleventh-grade year. Math and English were my worst subjects, and PE was my favorite.

Never in a million years would I have thought to write poetry, much less a book.

However, when I was thirty-five years old, I rededicated my life to Jesus, and my life changed. That’s when I found out, “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE

POSSIBLE.” (Matthew 19:26)

In February 2000, I was invited to go to another church where Evangelist Brother

Names would be speaking. I really didn’t want to go, especially after working all

day, standing on my feet. However, God told me to go, so I decided I would since

it was important to Him.

That night was the first night I experienced the power of God! I was called to the front, scared to death and wondering what in the world this man of God was going to tell me.

Now, I would have to say I was a skeptic. That’s when Brother Names looked at me and said, “You really love angels, don’t you?”

Well, my thought at that time was, Yeah, every woman and me in here! However, I

replied, “Yes.”

Then he said, “And you love writing about them, too. And when God gives you the words, they start flowing.” Well, that definitely hit a nerve! My eyes started to water, and my knees started to shake. I knew this man was in touch with God, and God was telling him what to say.

In 1999, I started writing poetry, and the first poems I wrote (other than the one

about my Papaw) were titled: “An Angel is a Sister,” “An Angel is a Mother,” and

“An Angel is a Friend.”

Brother Names even told what my guardian angel’s name was.

He also said, “You would see an angel one day, and it will appear in your vehicle.” My thought was, I hope my vehicle is sitting still when this happens. Ha!

For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go. Psalms 91:11 |


Finally, he walked up to me with his pointer finger and barely touched my

forehead. It was as if I was as light as a feather. When Brother Names did this, I

fell straight back and hit the floor, waking up with my head halfway under the pew, thinking, How did I get this way? I feel as if God just breathed on me!

Maybe this was why God wanted me to go, so I could feel the Power of the Holy

Spirit. What I felt even more though was the power of His love.

Before this experience, I would ask God every now and then if it was all real? Not

that it would make any difference if I never knew, as far as being committed to God. I wanted everything God had for me, and I wanted to know all about who

God was!

After the service, I walked up to Brother Names to thank him, and as I was shaking his hand, he tilted his head a bit as if God was giving him words again. He looked at me and said, “I want to read your book!” I laughed and thought, Well now he has me confused with someone else! Writing poetry was one thing, but a book is a much bigger thing!

After a long, eighteen-year journey, that prophecy has come to pass. Now you

know how this book came to be. As you read, you will see how God used me and

how I received signs, miracles, and wonders.

God speaks to us all, are you listening?

Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand! Matthew 11:15 | NLT

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