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Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

As I examine this interesting piece of art by Anthea Craigmyle, I notice the unique reaction depicted on the faces of the money changers as Jesus turns their world upside down because the appalling practices that were going on in the Temple. Mark 11:15-18

Then, the Temple was where God chose to resided, but since then, God has chosen me & you to be his holy temple. 1Cor 3:16

I ask myself; which of the 3 faces in this painting would personify my outward response to God's disapproval to things in my current practices? Or better yet & even deeper, what would be the response of my heart if Jesus challenged me to up-root a specific practice, attitude, relationship, ... in my life that appalls & offends His holiness?

🙏 Jesus, may my response to Your challenge be one of TOTAL & daily surrender!


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