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Juggling all the things....

Where my single ladies at out there? Where my single ladies at out there that sometimes feel overwhelmed with being the head of your household and the sole person responsible for your life and absolutely everything involved with it?? (Or just where my ladies at that feel overwhelmed with all that life involves whether you are single or not??)

Let me start by saying that I think there are pros and cons to the single life. I often wish that there was another adult that could be responsible for parts of my life. Taking out the garbage, mowing the yard, doing taxes, health insurance, car maintenance, feeding the dog at 6:30am...... the list could go on and on. Some days I wish there was someone else to share the load with. Share the responsibility with. Share the decision making with. However there is not.

The way I see it, I could be upset and bitter about it just being me. Or I could build an incredible community around me to live life with and be willing to admit to them that sometimes I need help too.

Recently I moved into a new place. Moving is one of those things that makes me wish I had someone else to be responsible for my responsibilities. There is so much to consider and take care of in a move. At some point I told a friend "just find me somewhere to live and I'll show up." In the middle of my stress of looking for somewhere and moving and setting everything up I got overwhelmed........ in a good way. I became overwhelmed with gratitude for the squad that the Lord has surrounded me with. I'm grateful for the friend who at a moment's notice would go with me to look at any and every house/apartment. I'm grateful for the friends who gave up their afternoon to help me move my belongings. Grateful for the friends who listened to me vent and gave me wise advice. Grateful for the friends who answered every little question I had about utilities and internet and routers. Grateful for the friends who honestly shouldered the responsibility of my life with me in a stressful moment.

Here's the deal single ladies, you may be single - but you shouldn't be alone! Sure I can't share my concerns with my friends the same way that I would with a spouse, but that doesn't mean I can't share them at all. Life is not meant to be lived alone and way too often we decide that our singleness is a sentence to being alone. And that's just not true. In fact that's a lie that the enemy would love for you to believe.

And to all the married ladies out there, don't let the enemy tell you that you can't invite the single ladies deeply into your life. In Galatians Paul talks about bearing one another's burdens in love. He doesn't put qualifiers that that can only happen if one another is in the same life stage as you. He simply says to love and bear burdens together. So let's do that!!

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