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Just a Minute God

I want to encourage you to sit at the feet of Jesus today. Put everything aside, put on some comfy clothes, and curl up and connect with God. Sometimes we get so caught up in checking time with God off of our list that we miss those little moments that he wants to comfort us. With two little boys, mornings are not an easy time to spend with God. Mornings are spent making breakfast, packing lunches, and wrestling my 2 year old to get dressed.

But I have found that centering my focus on God eases me into my day, and helps me to focus on God more clearly. My conversations are easier and hearing God’s voice is easier and being a better friend to those around me is easier. So instead of saying, “I don’t have time for that in the morning.” Try saying, “Here Lord, take the time that I do have”. For me, that’s a few minutes after I drop my son off at school and before I walk in the door to work. Try it if you don’t “have time” in the mornings! I promise God will begin to do some amazing things in your day.

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