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Know the Win

Happy Thursday, Sisterhood!

The end of the school year has come and many activities are happening. There are Kindergarten, High school & college graduations-oh my!! Our social media is full of pictures of kids holding end-of-school awards and graduates displaying diplomas. Each of these representing milestones in people’s lives. As I sit here and ponder these things, I find a common theme: the celebration of accomplishments.

There’s a saying that’s become part of my vocabulary lately: we know the win. I’m part of a great team of people who work together to accomplish the goals we set. From time to time, we evaluate what the win looks like. This can change from season to season. It’s important to set goals to accomplish, and when we do, we celebrate. This is not just a saying, but more of a mindset. And what I would like to propose today is this: your win may not look like mine and vice versa. What I would love to do is set someone free from the status quo of what culture, society and even tradition has dictated about what an achievement is. Friend, here’s what I know: God created each of us uniquely and He has a specific purpose or goal for us to achieve. In Him, we can accomplish anything!! Let’s unburden ourselves with what our timeline is supposed to look like, too. Frankly, there are things that I have yet to accomplish-according to my timeline-but resting in God’s plans for me keeps me from feeling as if I am failing or falling short. Resting in God keeps me from comparing myself to anybody else and becoming frustrated with where I am. By definition, accomplishment means: something that has been achieved successfully. Every one of us, whether we vocalize it or not, wants to be successful at something. It’s in our nature to achieve. But more than achieve, it’s also the recognition of it-maybe not publicly- but just someone else to say, “You did it. I’m so proud of you.” And in our age of technology and social media platforms, we have a built in audience to witness our achievements- literally hundreds of friends and followers. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Sisters, at the end of the day, at the end of my life, there is an audience of One who I long to hear say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Without that grounded deep within me, I will find myself trying to seek temporary affirmation from others and I will never be satisfied with any earthly accomplishment.

I always like to sign off by recognizing that maybe you can’t relate to these words. Perhaps you may be reading this and you’re in a place where you feel as if you haven’t or aren’t accomplishing anything. That there isn’t much to celebrate about yourself. Friend, let me be the first on the sideline to say “You are doing great. Keep going. You are not alone. I’m so proud of you and better yet—God is. He has not forgotten you. His plans for you are still the same. He hasn’t changed His mind about you-not one bit. He thought you were worth dying for and He demonstrated that through His son Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him. You’ve got this.” Love you so much Sisterhood!!

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