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Leave a Legacy

"Woman Crush Wednesday" - who does this phrase make you think of? Do you think of a beautiful woman, a smart woman or a powerful woman. Maybe you think of a mother of six children or a single mom raising two kids on her own. As I sit here writing this blog, I glanced over at a set of drawers in my home office and was reminded of why I wrote these words on the drawers: See Opportunities, Focus Forward, Solution Oriented, Positive, Faith-Filled, Don't Quit, Committed, Ask for Help, Joyful, Overcome Challenges and Leave a Legacy. I wrote these words to remind me of who I want to be. These words were tailored after the women in my life who live these words out loud for all to see. These words have become my affirmations. Affirmations are powerful. Words spoken out loud over your life can change you and the way you see things. We are what we speak. So, today my Woman Crush Wednesday is to all the strong women in my life who choose to leave a legacy.

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