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Less than 6 months till Christmas!

Ya'll half the year is G O N E!

I can't even fathom that. But, Christmas is right around the corner!

So let's not let it slip away! As we move-on into the latter half of the year, let's look back at some of the gifts we have already received and some that are yet to come.

PROVERBS 21:2 reminds us that the Lord thoroughly examines the motives of our hearts. So, as as a gift to Him and to ourselves, let's do just that. Let's take some time to engage our minds, our hearts and our memory and review the year so far.

I'd encourage you to take out your journal or a piece of paper and as you look back on this portion of the year consider this......

-Be still for a minute or two.

-Ask God to give you eyes to see.

-Pause with an attitude of thanksgiving as you recall and jot down some blessings, benefits, gifts and graces you have received so far this year? Which one surprised you the most?

- Notice the rhythm of your days and schedule? Is there anything you feel God is inviting you to adjust?

– Was there any time you felt you may have missed God’s movement? Did anything contribute to you missing it?

- What events/situations brought you joy? Which ones felt like a burden or stressed you?

– Recall, reminisce and savor a moment where you specifically saw God‘s presence?

- Have any ill feeling towards anyone sprung up? Ask God to soften your heart and give you the courage to forgive.

- What is God's invitation to you for the next half of the year?

What better way to finish off the year with more of God-directed purpose.

May the next half of the year be more aligned with His heart and His plans than the last 6 months.



Scripture: Luke 12:35

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