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Let the Hunt Begin!

Scavenger hunts. Just the name brings laughter as I immediately envision times our youth went on a mad dash to find all the objects my husband had hidden. Even around town. They each were on a mission to decipher the clues and be first returning back to home base. Rarely did we have a person or team that gave up quickly, if at all. And the excitement each person had as they returned after the hunt was contagious. Every person or team always had a story to tell about their time out on the mission to solve the riddles. Although the outcome was not always what each of them hoped for, everyone shared in the joy of doing this together and hearing the stories of their friends.

So it is in our Christian walk. We each have been given clues to the kingdom through God's Word. And we each have been given instructions on how to seek the hidden treasures in this world.

"I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name." Isaiah 45:3

God's hidden treasures. No doubt there are layers of meaning in this verse. The passage was a word to King Cyrus that spoke of blessings to come. Thus, for us today it can also relate to blessings we cannot see now but that will come at a future date. For me, it also brings to my mind that He has treasures hidden in dark paces just waiting to be discovered.

For me, I see treasures as people who are lost in darkness and need a Savior. Jesus compelled those around Him to 'go out in the highways and byways' to bring in those they found on the streets. He sent them on a mission. He desired for each of us to choose to have a missions mind even in the world we live in. And as each person on their mission arrives on that day to present to Him the treasures they found, we will all rejoice just as the youth group did at the end of their hunt.

What treasure could be waiting for you? Maybe your dark place today is the result of a family or job situation. Maybe your health. In the midst of that darkness is a hidden blessing.

Hidden treasures. Blessings or people. They are all around us just waiting to be discovered! Whether it is the kids' home in Haiti, the young adult rescued from drugs, or the pastor's wife that is hurting from ministry wounds, they all have been created by the Master Creator. They have His signature on their personality. Unique and individual.

They are His hidden treasure just waiting to be found! So let's take up our written map from God - and let the hunt begin!

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