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Literally new

New is a word that is exciting and fresh and a word that I am well acquainted with lately. I have two pretty “new” babies, a teenager who is new to the road, and now we are about to be buying a new house. This new year is busy.

I have been busy on the inside of me, too. I have been allowing God to be God and purge my life of wrong ways of thinking and relationships that I have outgrown. I have lost a few close friends lately, but it has brought me closer to God. I have been leaning on Him more for emotional comfort and contentment than I have in the past.

God places people in our life specifically, according to the times and seasons that we are in, and I know I am about to move forward into something new and exciting because I have seen God pull several people out of my life.

It is often the small steps that we take in our faith life that cause us to reap big in the kingdom. I am trying to walk every day in obedience to God and His word. Sometimes this is very hard, but if I just take it one step at a time I am closer to Him than the day before.

God also has been confirming many words to me and that is always refreshing to my soul. Every Christian should desire a fresh word from God. God is personal. He said His sheep hear His voice and like a good sheep I am trying to listen for Him. I will not follow any other voice. I know I serve a loving God who does not change, and that is something I can take comfort in.

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Amy Roppolo
Amy Roppolo
Jan 23, 2019

Love this!!


Irene Willingham
Irene Willingham
Jan 22, 2019

Sarah I Love this today!! So excited for all the new things God is placing in your life ❤️

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