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Love Bug

We here in Louisiana know when it’s love bug season, thankfully it’s not now. As I was driving down I-49 this morning in my newly washed vehicle, the thought struck me of how often when I reached my destination my car and windshield would be covered with “the bugs”.

Just a little thought as we officially begin the Love month—— what if we spread love to those around us as freely as those pesky little love bugs annoy us?

I’m not saying to be annoying but let’s give freely and lavishly. Let’s make it known that Love is in our house, love is spoken in the places we are, Love is the reason we do what we do, etc. Lets spread LOVE around so much that there are visible signs that we have been there. Let’s make our mark of LOVE 1 Corinthians 16:14 says “do everything in love.” Ready—set—go

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