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Love Legacy

You know the verse in John 10 that says, “my sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they know me?” Well , it is talking about recognition, the familiarity that comes from relationship.

I know the voice of my children in a crowded room and they know mine, even the voice of my grandson is well known to me. I knew my mother’s voice the same way and she knew mine. Relationship——. Just like my mother had a distinct voice, she had a unique handwriting as well. It was beautiful. I remember her writing lists, addressing envelopes, writing letters, writing checks, {the list could go on, this was several decades before computers} LOL

It might sound funny to you, but seeing her handwriting makes me feel like she is close. I loved going through her recipe box with my sisters, and each of us choosing her handwritten recipes to cherish. I also have a memory box where I keep lots of old memorabilia and birthday cards. I see her’s, and reread them. It is a special moment for me as I relive that period in time. My mom always loved me, encouraged me and pushed me to be my best. She wrote words to nurture me. She always pointed me to what God‘s future was for me. She saw the best in me, even when it wasn’t there, That’s what love does

I encourage you today to take time to WRITE a thank you to someone who nurtured you along your journey, or WRITE a note to encourage someone that could need a bit of love breathed onto them. It is wonderful to say it, but there are times that a handwritten note can bring even greater blessing to the reader. It is a cherished piece of paper that can be revisited over and over to bring a much needed word at just the right time.

I’m so thankful that our father saw that need as well in giving us his precious Word, the Bible.

His words that we have the privilege to read daily to gain insight, encouragement, training, and to learn Him better.

Be blessed today my sisters, and start leaving a legacy of hope to those around you!!

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