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Loving Your Church Family!

Whether you have been to your church since birth or you are completely new to church life, it is easy to grumble and complain about different issues you see within the church. It is tempting to even hop from church to church trying to find your perfect match. I wanna let you know that your “perfect match” does not exist! Why? Because all churches have humans in them and where there are humans, there will be problems. I would never want to encourage someone to stay in a church that isn’t biblical or is toxic, but I was encouraged by a Facebook post last week. This post encouraged people to think about becoming the best church member they can be instead of finding the “perfect church”. Think about how healthy our churches could be if we all took on the responsibility to make our church great! This inspired me to share some tips on how we can LOVE our church fam and help make our church awesome in the process!

Be proactive to find opportunities to serve

There is a statistic that says that in churches, 20% of the church body is doing 80% of the work it takes to keep the doors open every week. That is a lot of overstretched and overworked people who are most likely not able to fully focus on serving in their giftings. My challenge for you is to “see a need and meet a need”. If you see that the nursery never has enough helpers, sign up to work nursery once a month. If you want to develop community amongst your young adults, host a monthly dinner in your home. If you want to see outreach happen to the homeless in your city, start small in serving this group and invite some people along. It may seem like a drop in the bucket, but you never know what your service can inspire in others!

Honor your leadership

It is no easy task to pastor or manage a church. The pastoral and administrative team at your church works very hard to serve you every week. I know no team is perfect and it can be easy to be critical, but it’s important that we show respect for the leaders God has placed in our churches. Allows honor and encourage when given the chance!

Make a friend; bring a friend

Make it your mission to have deep friendships within the church. Invite someone over for dinner. Text someone an encouraging word. Help someone move! Do what it takes to invest in friendship. Finally, bring a friend along. Is there someone at work, school, or in your family that would enjoy coming to church with you? It is hard to go to a new church alone. If you invite a friend, you never know how God is going to use that opportunity to move big!

I hope during this month of love, you extend some of that love to your church fam. As some say, “The grass is always greener where you water it.” Let’s invest in our church families and see God do great things!

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