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Make Room

Growing up the only thing I liked about school was reading. In elementary school, I could hardly wait for the first of each month to get the Book Club Flyer so I could put a circle around everything I wanted. Of course, my mom narrowed my wish list down to a couple of books. In Jr High and High School, series books were my passion and I turned my closet into a reading nook. Reading was the ultimate escape with the greatest adventures. I have carried that love of reading into my adult life, but rarely find the time I once had to read. I am sure we can all relate to busy days, long to do lists and not finding much room to work time for ourselves into our own schedules. Today, I challenge us all to make room. Make room in our schedule for what we love to do. Doing what you enjoy energizes you, stimulates your brain and makes you happy. Now I can hardly wait to go buy a book and flip the pages to smell the new.

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