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Manage or Be Managed

When it comes to time management, I'm a firm believer that it's manage your time or it will manage you! I’m also a firm believer that it’s not one size fits all. If I had to use someone else’s system or method in order to manage and organize my time it would be utter chaos. I’ve got my system, my groove, my method. And it works for me. Honestly I think the best thing I can tell you in terms of time management, is find what will work for you personally. Not what works for your friend or neighbor or sister. Find what works for YOU.

I personally am a bit old school in the fact that I like paper in my hand. I’m a planner kind of girl and I spend way too much time at the beginning of every year selecting my new planner. I spend a lot of time picking it out because I spend a lot of time letting that planner guide my life throughout the year.

Because I don’t use the calendar in my phone or reminders and such, I have to have a way then to keep up with things when I don’t have my planner in front of me. My method/system: I email myself. Anytime I need to add something to my schedule or to-do list and I’m not at my desk, I pull out my phone and email myself. That way when I get back to my desk, I’ve got emails waiting to get added to my planner and all is right in my world.

I say all of this again to say, find you groove and work it. Don’t like bullet journaling, don’t do it. Hate using a paper planner, stop buying them. Need a million reminders in your phone, set every single one of them!

If you need some more practical tips on how to set up a system for yourself, Pinterest is full of them! Do some browsing and try some things out. And when you find the sweet spot for yourself, stay right there!

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