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Mirrored Reflection

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

As my daughter was shopping this weekend for their trip to Haiti, she ran across a portable photo printer. Considering the purchase, she thought of people in the village where we have a feeding program. Most of the people are very poor and have never owned an actual photo of themselves or their family. In fact, they have never even seen their reflection in a mirror. What would it mean to them if they saw themselves in an actual photo that they could keep? If they saw their reflection? Imagining the smiles on those faces made her decision easy - and the purchase was completed.

In our first world mindset, we cannot begin to think what it would be like for us to see ourselves in a photo for the first time. The ability to snap a picture is usually at our fingertips due to our dependence on hand held devices. And each of us have enjoyed using the delete button for those snapshots where we are less than happy with the details of our printed resemblance. Yet, no matter how pleased or displeased we are with the picture, it stands as a true reflection.

Often when we see ourselves in the mirror or in a picture, we declare what 'flaw' we perceive in ourselves. This is followed by declarations of a coming change. But too often we settle for 'what is' instead of being determined to become 'what we want to be.' Crossing into this more mature stage in my life, I have dealt with gaining weight that I do not want to keep. Every morning when attempting to dress for the day, I vow to do SOMETHING that will shed the added pounds. But by mid-morning, I tend to forget the struggle I faced earlier and choose to march on through my day without thought of change.

James talks about this very thing in the first chapter of his epistle:

"If anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror: for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was." James 1:23,24

Just like my lack of commitment to exercise more frequently or change my diet, I often fall short in the promises I make to change my attitude. And I have to ask myself, "why?" Am I not fully convinced that I need to change? Am I only unhappy with myself because of how others may view me or because I desire to be a 'better me'?

Christ gave us an example of what our life is to resemble. I need to always keep a picture in my mind of what my life and actions would look like if it reflected Christ. I desire to find my reflection in His word - even if it reveals the added junk that I need to shed. My goal is to reflect Christ. I want to mirror His actions. He did what He saw His Father do. He mirrored the Father's reflection.

May we choose today to mirror His reflection - even if it means it's time to commit to change!

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