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I must confess that I am NOT a Black Friday shopper, I hate the massive crowds and rush of people fighting for all the things on their list. I have only participated twice, and I refuse to go. I know that sounds a little adamant, but it is a frustration rather than any joy for me. I love to bask in the lazy morning, then eat leftovers from Thanksgiving day. I usually take down the harvest decorations and begin the Christmas decorating (which takes a while, lol). After all, it is my favorite time of year.

Recently I began to focus on the words of some of the songs that we sing, and I was so touched by their meaning. I thought it would be fun to focus on some of the phrases in our treasured Christmas carols. Today I chose to begin this season with the phrase “oh, the wonder of His love”. For me that is truly the meaning of Christmas.. If it has not been for the unimaginable love of GOD for mankind, we would never have a day to celebrate the birth of His son. It is a wonder, something that we really cannot describe, when we begi to think how great is the love of God for each of us. As you do all the things that you do, I urge you to stop throughout the day and take a few moments to reflect of the wonder of His will change your life!

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