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Our Dwelling

My husband had a saying he used often in his messages during our time as pastors. He would say, "Let me give you a TIP - take it personally!"

Psalms 91 is one of those chapters that should be a TIP! We are walking through something so new and unprecedented for the majority of our world. Unless you are old enough to remember times during the early 1900's, today's events seem like a movie gone very wrong and everyone is waiting for the hero to pop up on the scene any moment. Yet the real Hero of our world today has already set up a shelter for us to not just park under temporarily, but to DWELL there! Daily. Do life under His shadow.

It is exciting to see and hear so many reading, praying and quoting Psalms 91 during this challenging time. Yet when the dust settles in a few weeks or months and we are on the other side of this event, where will we be dwelling? Back to business as usual or humbled, thanking Him for His shelter, protection and provision?

I love what a friend of mine shared about her neighborhood. They are practicing social distancing - together. They are gathering at the end of their driveways at least once a week to read and pray Psalms 91 together. After their post about it, others around the area have decided to do the same. They have chosen to take it personally - together. But the act is also connecting neighbors who probably would have been too busy to connect in normal times. Bonds are being build that will continue beyond this event. That is what happens in God's kingdom when we DWELL under His shelter and allow Him to direct us - even during a pandemic.

Today's TIP - Live there daily! Do life with Him. Know Him. Love Him. Be Jesus with skin on to a world that is hurting and scared. He is the Hero the world is waiting for.

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