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Painters of Light

Merry Christmas, Sisterhood!

I pray that your holidays have been blessed with rich moments and beautiful memories created. In my hand is a Thomas Kincaide cup-circa 2003. I've been drinking out of this cup for 16 years now. This morning, in the quiet, I remembered the night I won this cup in a Christmas game. That year had been a particularly tough one, with much change and great loss. It was a year of personal challenges and learning how to rebuild from scratch. It was a season of relationships and friendships fracturing and deteriorating. Ever have one of those years? You're in good company, sweet sisters, we've all probably walked this road at some point in our adult lives. And you know what? For those of us Jesus girls, we've discovered that sometimes the worst moments in our lives bring forth some of the greatest, deepest love lessons. What do I mean by a love lesson? I'm so glad you asked :) A love lesson is when we take a look back after the dust has settled from disaster, and see a sliver of God's hand. In the midst of what seems like death and endings, we catch a glimpse of birth and beginnings. In the depths of disappointments, God's grace-His strength, becomes ours and we realize how much we are loved by the Creator of the universe. Hindsight suddenly becomes revelation!

Today, I want you to know that if in this Christmas season, you find yourself in the middle of a mess, that Emmanuel-God with us, is with YOU. There's not a doubt in my mind that He's got you right in the palm of His hand, safely keeping you and that one day-sooner than you think, you'll catch that glimpse of a new thing He's doing in you. And when you see it, you'll find yourself thanking Him for this tough season.

Tonight, I pray that we would be "painters of light" to those around us-carriers of His presence. I pray that our hearts would cling to the wonderful Hope that we have in Him. May we all rest well tonight knowing the God of all Peace loves us, is good and has good for us!

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