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Pass it Forward

May is a busy month full of celebrations from beginning to end. From Cinco de Mayo to Memorial Day, there are so many celebrations of life. Mother's Day we honor the women in our life that have loved us whether they gave birth to us or not. Then there is school ending and the celebration of summer finally being here. The one celebration that is such a milestone though is graduation. Whether it's from high school or college, graduation is both an ending and a beginning. It's a time to celebrate accomplishments and listen to speakers with great advice to help you conquer the world right?? I spend more time the weeks leading up to graduation writing out congratulation cards with words of encouragement on what lies ahead. What really though does a graduate need to know -- what possibly could we say to leave an impact or a word that would help keep them on the trajectory God has them on for their life. So I think about the things I wish I would have known way back when that could have saved me from missing out on what God had for me. So the first piece of advice I would give is that everyone has a story and if God is writing them into yours, take time to find out why. The second thing would be that perception is so important to understand and that voices make choices. So many situations in our lives could be avoided if we just took the time to listen and try to see things from more than just our way. Thirdly, I would say that all weather friends are rare and hang on to the ones that come your way and invest in building relationships. Last but not least actually the number one best advice I would give is that Love covers a multitude! A multitude meaning all things. That the greatest act of love is forgiveness and practicing it daily keeps your heart clear and mind set on what's right and good in this world. So as we continue through this month of celebrations and advice giving, pass it forward and share the things with others that makes life what it was meant to be -- abundant!

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