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Praise & Worship

If there is one way that I love interacting with the Lord, it's through worship. The Lord has given me the gift of singing and boy do I love to use that gift! There is something special about connecting with the Lord through music and I take advantage of it every chance I can!

Currently, one of my favorite worship songs is "What a Beautiful Name." Each and every time I sing this song, lead it during a worship service, etc., it brings me to tears. So often I think we forget that when we are faced with anxiety, sadness, or a storm in life, we can speak the name of Jesus and He brings power and freedom to every situation. I hope that I never lose the authority to speak the name of Jesus over situations and allow Him into my life when it feels like there's no hope!

I encourage you today to listen to this song! Allow yourself to jam and sing this at the top of your lungs! If you're walking through a storm, or anything else, allow yourself to speak the POWERFUL name of Jesus over your circumstances and allow His presence into your life!

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