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Proverbs 11

This proverb screams “Choose Jesus” to me. There are many good vs. evil examples in this passage. 



Isn’t that how we look at life? 

If I do _______, ______ will take place. 

You fill in the blank.

Do you ever feel like you flunked it, blew it, no turning back, stick your head in the sand, cry yourself to sleep, never forgive yourself, just plain old blew it? 

Well, I have news for you! Choose Jesus. 

In all 31 scriptures,  we see what seems to be a comparison between righteousness and wickedness. 

Aren’t most of the proverbs that way? So, we begin checking our hearts to make certain they line up right with God's. 

We desire to be the righteous person in this passage. The one who gains the blessings, all the justice, all the life, all the honor, all the increase, all the grace, all the richness of life... and we do, but what about when we blow it? What about when our pride brings us shame, and our unfaithfulness brings us lust, when our hypocrisy destroys our neighbor... we are children of the most high God and sometimes, we blow it! What do we do about that? 

Well, my sweet friends, I believe that this isn’t comparison. I believe it is revealing our heart and asking us to choose. See, we can choose to be any of these righteous or wicked things... but when you serve the Lord and belong to Him, you have a choice to make it right. You may have chosen the wrong way before, but now you have the grace to change the way your future goes. You will be recompensed on the earth when you choose righteousness. 

You can make restitution - that is the gospel, that is the blood, that is just Jesus being your Savior! You get to trade your unrighteousness or wickedness from past sin, to righteousness and good. What a mighty God we serve. 

He takes our filthy rags and gives us robes of white. So when you blow it and mess up terribly.....friend, choose Jesus. 

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