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Psalm 19

Since it’s only 14 verses, let’s look at all three themes of Psalm 19:

1. God’s Glory - vs 1-6

2. God’s Word - vs 7-11

3. Our Sins - vs 12-13

+ A Prayer - vs 12-14

The heavens declare the glory of God! Even without words... their message has gone out to all the earth. I’ve read that astronomers can see the story of God‘s redemption in the stars! That’s so interesting to me, but definitely over my head! I’m thankful that I don’t need a science degree to experience heaven’s declaration of God’s glory. The heavens speak of the beauty, faithfulness, and provision of God - communicated to anyone who will just look up and consider!

As I read verses 7-11, there is no question that David LOVES God’s Word! And no wonder - just look at how he gushes over all the ways that God’s Word is active in our lives!

In verses 12 & 13, David speaks of two kinds of sin: unintentional sin and willful sin. He asks God to cleanse him from hidden faults, but he also prays that God would keep him from willful sins, adding, “DO NOT LET THEM RULE OVER ME!” What insight he had! We all need that same awareness - that giving in to willful sin gives it power to become those habits and addictions that will rule over us!!

David concludes his prayer in verse 14, asking God to govern his words and his thoughts.

Lord, today we echo David’s prayer: Forgive our hidden faults, keep us from willful sins, and may our words and thoughts be acceptable to You.

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