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Quickly catch your time

“Wow, this day has gotten away from me!”, “Where did the time go?” “Time is flying!”

All phrases we have all repeated multiple times! We are busy but we also have to be responsible with the time God has given us.

Thankfully, the Lord is guiding and directing us, but in order to master our time we have to set some standards in place to make sure we are making the most of our time and being wise with it. I think it’s important that we are aware of where our time is being used. One thing I have found super helpful is a time management sheet. I have found it helpful to take the sheet for one week and fill in everything that I am actually doing during that week. I include the planned things, the unplanned things, the kids things, the work things, and the idle time that I spend on my phone. Everything goes into the weekly schedule. Every minute is accounted for. Then after the week is over, I look to see where my time actually went. It doesn’t take long to realize where you have patterns of unused time, or wasted time on social media or watching tv and to realize that you have time, it’s just not being used very wisely.

When the following Sunday rolls around, I pull a new weekly schedule out and plan out my week. I add in time with God, planned coffee dates with friends, cooking meals, time with my husband, kids schedules, and all the other things. Now this week is focused on making sure I stick to my schedule (minus all the things that obviously will just pop up). After doing it for a few weeks, patterns emerge and using a normal planner is sufficient!

Proverbs 16:9 ESV The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

Just something that I thought might be helpful if you are stuck in a time management rut!

To find a sheet that works for you, just google “time management sheet weekly printable” and a ton of options pop up! Just print and begin!

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