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Riding Shotgun

Don’t all dogs love to sit in the window of a car? Si Jenkins does; a dog that loves to see out. This was actually his first time to jump in the front window though, because he usually jumps in the back. It kind of took me by surprise to be honest. He had no idea he was on the way to the vet to get his annual shots and check-up; his most dreaded visit of the year. He had no idea where we were going, but yet he was so eager to go and just enjoy the ride. Soon he would be getting out of the car and going in to a place where he would have to endure uncomfortable things and even painful shots. Of course like always, this made me think. Si trusts me, he loves me and he will go with me wherever I go. How does that relate to us??? So often we lag behind always staying in a rut and never feeling like we get anywhere. Other days we try to get so far ahead of ourselves and God that we feel out of control — when all we really need to do is trust, love and ride shotgun beside God. We need to know that the driver will take care of the rest; even if the rest is uncomfortable or even painful.

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