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Scheduling/ Planning ...Is it worth it?

So many times I have asked myself, is it worth scheduling and making plans to accomplish things? I ask this because for some reason or another my plans get tossed around or schedules get moved for so many appointments. 

Do you feel the same? 

It almost defeats the purpose of scheduling and planning. 

But here are a few things that I have learned. When seeking to schedule something with another person, make sure that you offer a time that you are ok with them moving by 30 minutes ahead or behind . So, for instance, if I ask a person if they are available for 2pm to chat or meet, almost always they will say no, that they are available at 2:30 instead - be flexible - plans change. Be honest, if you are unavailable, say so. If the person wants to meet with you bad enough they will reschedule with you at a more opportune time. Don’t take anything personal. People who value your time will try their best to be available. 

Plans - We can plan our ways but the Lord will truly direct our steps. Planning causes you to be prepared, just leave some wiggle room for possible change. Keep a written planner! Be available. God chose you to do things others cannot, so be available for people. Plans are sometimes hard to stick to and to follow through with. Be mindful of that, and don’t allow the plan to work you, you work the plan. We plan thousands of things a day without being aware we are doing that. Take your plans to God, submit your heart to Him and be flexible and obedient in any changes He may have you do. 

That all starts with one very important plan you must stick to... spending time with the Father. Plan specifically to spend time so that when He needs to get your attention, you are quick to hear and execute what He is asking. 


I will sing you the song of my life ...

Planners here, planners there, planners almost everywhere ....

Just so you can stop and stare, planners here, planners there, someone who cancels, oh that’s very rare.. keep your planners everywhere.. in the car, on your wall, in your purse sweet girl don’t make life worse... planners almost everywhere .. 😂😂

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"Planners on your phone so you wont feel alone. Planners on your watch so nothing gets botched. Any many miney mo, follow the ring of the reminders, OH!"

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