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Shout it out!

There is so much in Proverbs 8 but what catches my eye is the action of wisdom. In today‘s society so many do not want to ”rock the boat”, get involved with another’s life issues, cause a scene, and so on. I think we are called to take wisdom outside the four corners of our little house and speak up to the world around us. So many around us have no Christian influence or godly counsel.

I have this recurring thought, nightmare really, “WHAT IF NO ONE CARED ENOUGH TO HELP?”

Let me elaborate just a little——we have a pool at our house, and on more than one occasion, I have swooped in my arm to pull up a child that thought they could swim. RULE #1- never swim alone! RULE #2. Always have someone watching!

I suppose I have heard the excuse too many times for disengagement and lack of involvement that the picture appears in my head of flailing arms and head bobbling in the water. Someone is standing on the side of the pool with a life ring in hand just waiting for the drowning person to “ask for help” NO ONE who could swim would sit idly by and watch that happen. In an instant the person would spring into action and begin rescue, calling for help in the process.

Why is it that when we have the answer, we are afraid to verbalize it? Of course, everything we do and say needs to be bathed in love, but Sweet Sisters, we are the answer to so many of the issues our world faces. Jesus was fully engaged in His community, I believe we need to be as well. Let’s be a voice that calls the people surrounding us to WISDOM.

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