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Smells of Thanksgiving

It is amazing the power of smell! It brings to mind circumstances that surround the smell. I have so many memories surrounding the smells of Thanksgiving.

As I sit in the early hours of this blessed day, I am enjoying the aroma of the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving already. The Holmes household starts early. Scott has been smoking a turkey all night, wood is still smoldering in the fireplace, and pumpkin pies are in the oven. And, if you know me, candles are burning. LOL

I am reminded that today, and everyday we are to be the aroma of Jesus. Honestly, I have been challenged lately in all the stress of “life” if my perfume is the aroma that would be a sweet smell to my Savior. Even today as many of us face family concerns and sometimes strained relationships when families gather, we can be a sweet smelling aroma. I’ll admit it is a challenge and keeps us on our toes.

As I stated before the power of smell is our strongest sense. I want my smell to be an aroma, a sweet smelling sacrifice to my family and friends today. I want it to be pleasing to my Savior.

Psalm 50:14 says, “make thankfulness your sacrifice to God...” and as Ephesians 5:2 says, as Christ is our example we can walk in love favoring those around us because (it is a sacrifice at times) it is always a sweet aroma to our Lord.

Be blessed today, enjoy and stay SWEET.

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