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Solid as a Rock

As I read and reread Proverbs 28, I think maybe a woman could have written it, it is all over the place!! There is so much that could be written about each verse, but I‘d like to pick the second part of verse 2, “ But wise and knowledgeable leader brings about stability.”

I know you might be thinking, “ Well, I’m no leader, what does that have to do with me?”


YOU, my dear sister, are a leader!! Who you influence and lead will vary in size, shape and age. But you do lead!! I’m using a lot of exclamation points here because I want you to get it down deep within you.

What you say and do matters, how you think matters, how you react matters, your body language matters, your motives matter, your heart issues matter, etc.

My little grandson is three and he is an imitator. He repeats phrases that I say and even tries to mimic the same expressions that he sees from me. At times, it is quite comical and other times it is very sobering to know that everything I do is being watched!

I want to portray to him (and everyone that surrounds me in my world) characteristics of wisdom and grace. I would venture to say that each of us love stability in our lives. I do!

I want to build a firm foundation on Jesus to my followers: ie... my family, my friends, my neighbors, my coworkers, everyone I encounter at the store, and even those that want to shake me up.

People want to cling to something that is stable and secure. We can be that, as we point them to Jesus. Each of us has the responsibility and privilege to be a reflection of Jesus, the Solid Rock to our world. Be blessed today as you lead....

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