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Sorrow turned to joy

1 Samuel 1:17

So the woman went her way, and did eat, and her countenance was no more sad.

This verse describes a sorrowful Hannah who was praying and fasting in the temple. She cried out to the Lord for her heart’s desire and God answered her prayer. What I love about Hannah is how she quickly received the word of the Lord without hesitation. She did not have evidence of the answered prayer, but her mourning was turned into joy without even having yet conceived. It was the promise from God that she held to. It chased away her deepest sorrow.

Sometimes we need a word from God and we need it right now. I believe Hannah felt such desperation as she cried out to the Lord with all that was in her. The Bible said the priest Eli thought she was drunk she was so distraught. However, she was not filled with alcohol, but sorrow. God used that sorrow in her. Instead of turning to the world for relief, Hannah turned to God.

Every year she would go to the temple in grieved greatly because she could not bare children. Until one day when her greatest time of sorrow became her greatest joy. After Samuel was born and weaned he was dedicated to the temple. Hannah would then go visit him and bring him a coat every year. Instead of sadness she felt great victory when she would go see her boy, who would become the first prophet in the Bible.

Hannah made God a vow. God heard her plea and He quickly answered. Sometimes we need to let God answer us and quit running to everyone else for the answers. Sometimes we need to fast and ask God the hard questions and when He answers, whatever the answer may be, receive it with gladness.

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