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Spring cleaning

Spring is a time when things come to life again. The trees and grass bloom and the sun shines. This inspires people to get out and make something more beautiful, usually by cleaning up their house.

Spring cleaning is when we rid our houses of all the dust and excess things crowding our spaces. We deep-clean and clean places we have not looked at since the last Spring cleaning. It’s often hard work, but the end of it all is rewarding.

Lately I’ve been trying to organize to make my life simpler by getting rid of things that weigh me down. Things that have negative memories attached to them are on the top of the list to be removed. I want to be surrounded with happy memories and items that inspire me and make me feel good.

I get rid of things like old clothing and jewelry that I never wear, things that are too small and too big, things that I may need one day, but have never used. Getting rid of clutter and cleaning our spaces makes us able to relax, take a deep breath when the cleaning process is over and look around and feel a sense of accomplishment.

This is how we should feel with our walk with God. He does not want us weighed down with unnecessary burdens. He desires for us to rest in His presence daily. There are spaces in us that He is working on. He points out things that are not good for us so that He can take them. We need to allow God to cleanse us daily through the washing of His word.

His word tears down false ways of thinking, strongholds, lies of the enemy that will weigh us down. God is light and when the light shines in the darkness everything that was once unseen becomes visible. God shines His light on the recesses of our hearts, not to condemn us, but to lovingly correct us. We have a choice to conform to God’s word or ignore it and draw back into the darkness. Choose the light of God and let Him take all the burdens. His yoke is light and His burden is easy. There is a burden we must bear, but with God leading us, it is a joyful thing.

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