Thankful for Children

Today I am spending time with my nine-month old grandson. What a joy!

These days when I say, “Ezekiel, come to Lovey,” he will stop what he’s doing, crawl to me, and put his arms up for me to take him.

When I pull off his sock, he immediately starts grinning because he knows that “this little piggy” will end in a ticklefest!

With the cooler weather and the holiday season upon us, many things that have become common to me are so much fun to experience for the first time with Ezekiel:

bundling up with hats and coats,

a cold wind on his face,

sights, sounds and scents of holiday gatherings,

large animated Christmas decorations,

reading stories of the first Christmas.

Aren’t you thankful for the children in our lives? I know that my life would be so much more serious without the constant reminders to see things through the eyes of a child.

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