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That Just Doesn't Make Sense!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Early winter is the best time to plant a tree here in the South. At face value, this doesn't sound like the smartest thing to do. You might want to refute this fact just as I did when planting a young Live Oak in front of my house last month. However, if you research it, talk to arborist (like I did) & think about it a bit longer it makes a lot of sense. It's actually during these shorter days & longer nights that trees have an opportunity to focus on their strategic growth. During this time, the visible part of the tree (its limbs & blooms) seem dormant, but the less visible part (its root system) is deliberately developing in density & strength. This inconspicuous growth, helps the tree handle our hot summer heat easier. Arborists would also agree that, “the more time the tree has to establish roots, the more quickly the tree will grow & the better life it will have overall”; therefore, making late fall to early winter planting a must.

I, like my oak, desire to grow a strong spiritual root system; one that can help me survive the

'deadly summers' of life. This then, makes me I ask myself....

What external things might I choose

to put on pause to allow myself

to deliberately strengthen

my spiritual root system?

Hmmmm... right off hand I can think of at least 2 things.

Well, let me let you go. I gotta get busy intentionally growing!!


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