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The Balancing Act: Part 1

Happy Saturday, Ladies!!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking--that it’s time for Fall to get here already?!?!?! Me too!

As I write this(Thursday), I am preparing for a full weekend ahead of me. The topic for the day- Balancing Work and Home. I’ll be honest, this topic, at times, still challenges me. After 24 years of motherhood-21 of which have been spent home raising kids, running a baking business and leading ministry, I can probably speak better on the topic of being imbalanced; not because that’s where I stay, but because it’s an area that God is absolutely passionate about keeping me from falling into.

Follow me for a moment: a quick google search of the definition of balance helps bring that last statement into focus.

(noun): an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

(verb): keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall.

We’ve all been there- burning candles at both ends- saying yes to help on a project or event, keeping our households together, running kids places, school projects, PTO, our jobs-which aren’t always 9-5, etc. And somewhere in all the craziness, I believe that the Holy Spirit will send us signals-clues, for us to slow it down, but we miss it because we’re trying to keep things “balanced and in control”. I don’t know what your signals are, but I am okay with being real with you about what it looks like in my life at times. When I find myself falling & unsteady, it’s almost always because I’ve become imbalanced. The following are phrases that present themselves in that imbalanced season. (Take note that this is not exclusive, and that imbalance shows up in other ways. We’ll save that for another day):

“I just don’t have time for that right now.”

“Mama can’t help you at the moment. Can it wait?”

“I can’t think. Mama needs quiet.”

“I’ll get to that after I finish this.”

“There’s not enough time in the day.”

“I just need to focus more.”

“I’m too tired to go eat out.”

“It’s been a long day.”

“I can’t do it all.”

Some of these were hard to type and sting a little to read. If I want to be really transparent, when I finally recognize what’s happening, it’s probably been going on for too long, an apology is owed to someone and this girl has to run in repentance to God for allowing things to get in our way-mine and His. I’ve recently began reading “The Best Yes” by Lysa TerKeurst, for the second time, with our ladies Wednesday Night Bible Study. The 1st time I read it, I taught it and now, I am the student- and I love that dynamic. Lysa gives practical tools and spiritual depth to a struggle we as women often face-finding our place in Him and living out His calling for us fully; stopping the busy train, saying yes to the things that will bring Him glory through our lives. As I close, I’ve attached a link to a time assessment tool from Lysa’s book. If anything, it will make you take a closer look at where your time is being spent most.

Sisterhood, I am praying for all of us today!! I’m asking God to show us what balance looks like in our present season AND that we will be bold enough to take the necessary steps to make Him the center, so that the outflow of our hearts is love, grace and peace. I pray that our families will KNOW that they are our BEST YES in the midst of busy seasons of work & ministry. And I pray that we are ever-reminded that God made us His #1, the apples of His eye-and that He longs to be part of all we are and do! He is ready to guide us, through the Holy Spirit, on how to be the best God girls we can be!!

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