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The blessing of Friendship

I have been blessed with all kinds of friendships throughout the years. Friends come in all shapes and fashion. Some friendships last only a short time, while others last a lifetime. I have learned to be thankful for all the people God has chosen to be a part of my life.

Friends are extra special because they are chosen. Family is , well, family. All of our relationships need to be nurtured. But, today’s focus is on friends. I think if we each made a chart and listed our friends, longevity of that friendshp, quality of that friendship, and purpose of that friendship we good see areas that need a “revamp”—places that need a little more effort to bring improvement.

To have a friend is to be one, I have heard it said. As we evaluate what friendships we have, maybe we should expand our circle to include more. You never know what treasures you will find in expanding your circle of friendship to just one more, then another, then another....

We are truly #better/strongertogether

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